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Diploma in Professional Cookery is a 1-year diploma level program, which comprises theoretical and practical study and internship, which is designed to provide students with an absolute grounding on what it takes to be a chef in in Star Hotels/Catering/Flight Kitchen/Cruise line, can become Entrepreneurs or relevant hospitality and F&B establishments. Students will be furnished with the knowledge and practical competency in cooking skills, serving up a variety of dishes and cuisines that are up to Industrial and Professional norms. Cheffield offers Professional Cookery Courses in Kerala to produce proficient beings by developing advanced cookery skills as well as allied administrative and kitchen management skills. Diploma in Professional Cookery will prepare you to take on a full range of managerial roles in a professional kitchen and advance your skills in chef training, Planning, developing, and costing menus

and restaurant supervision.

Cheffield provides a Professional Cookery Course in Angamaly where the students will have the opportunity to be placed and receive paid work experience through their excellent network of contacts in the Industry.

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At the end of the this program, students should be able to:

  • Acquire, Apply knowledge and skills in Culinary arts in its Traditional and contemporary perspective.
  • Describe the Fundamentals of culinary Arts.
  • Describe the different Cooking methods and techniques.
  • Identify kitchen equipment and tools
  • Demonstrate knife skill and show appropriate cuts of vegetable in cooking.
  • Display ability to fabricate fish and poultry as per classical cuts.
  • Understand the concept of Ingredients and their functions is various type of recipes.
  • Display requisite skills in preparation of products related to the Functional areas of culinary operations.
  • Demonstrate leadership and teamwork with a positive attitude to effectively manage human resources.
  • Communicate effectively with the use of industry specific communication.
  • Value Ethical practices in both personal and professional situations.
  • Identify and apply rigorous Food Safety and sanitation practices; in accordance with existing governing policies with an emphasis on environment and sustainability.
  • Integrate theory and practice to develop work habits and attitude necessary for job success through practice school and professional events.
  • Investigate and provide independent learning skills necessary for continuous learning.
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Module I:

  • Introduction To Cookery & Hierarchy And Department Staffing And Organization & lay out

Module II:

  • Basic Menu Planning & Principles of Food Production

Module III:

  • Meat, Fish, Egg, Cereals And Pulses:

Module IV:

  • Methods Of Cooking Foods

Module VI.

  • Personal hygiene & Grooming- importance- Personal sanitary habits

Module VII

  • Food Spoilage & Food Preservation:

1. Identification and cuts of vegetables, Preparation of stocks – White, Brown and Fish,Preparation of Sauces, Soups:
a. Cream – vegetable, spinach, tomato green peas
b. Consomme – Royale, Celestine c National –Vichyssoise, cabbage chowder

2. Eggs – boiled, fried, poached, scrambled, omelettes.
3. Fish – Fisho’rly a la nglaise, Colbert, poached, saumon grille, Florantine, mornay, Pomfret meuniere, fish fingers.
4. Poultry – jointing chicken, Poulet roti a l anglaise, Poulet sauté chasseur, Poulet Maryland, Roast Chicken, Chicken a la King.
5. Meat- Fillet Staek, Tournedos, Escolope, lamb stew, hot spots, grilled steak.
6. Potatoes – French fries, lyonnaise, sauté, mashed, cream, parsley, parsienne.
7. Vegetable – Veg. cooking, boiled, glazed, fried, stewed, braised.
8. Salads and sandwiches – coleslaw, Russian salad, potato salad, carrot, salad nicoise ,fruit salad, waldrof salad, sandwiches varieties.
9. Sweets – honey comb mould, trifle, chocolate mousse, lemon soufflé,bread and butter pudding, caramel custard, Albert pudding, Christmas pudding

  1. Practical Cookery,. Victor Ceserani & Ronald Kinton, ELBS
  2. Theory of Catering, Victor Ceserani & Ronald Kinton, ELBS
  3. Theory of Catering, Mrs. K.Arora, Frank Brothers
  4. Modern Cookery for Teaching & Trade Vol. I, Ms. Thangam Philip, Orient Longman
  5. Herrings Dictionaryof Classical & Modern Cookery, Walter Bickel
  6. Chef  Manual of Kitchen Management, Fuller,John
  7. Food Science: B Srilakshmi
  8. Food Science and Nutrition: Malathi
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Former Placement Manager, Naipunnya College,Pongam, Thrissur, 24 Years Experience in Five Star Deluxe Hotels, Catering and Teaching.
28 Years of experience in Five Star Hotels, Flight Catering and Cruise Line-USA. Trained in Michelin stars Restaurants in France under Chef Georges Blanc
23 years of experience with Oberoi Group of Hotels in India and Abroad
Working as Chef for 15 years at Westminster- United Kingdom

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