Project Description

Diploma in bakery & confectionery

is a 1-year diploma level program, which comprises theoretical and practical study and internship. Students who have successfully completed the course have opportunities in the world of Bakery and Confectionery sector, Star Hotels, Cruise line, flight catering, leading bakeries both on national as well as international level.

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At the end of the Program students will learn the following

  1. Describe the fundamentals of Baking and Patisserie arts
  2. Comprehend the techniques in the production of yeast goods, and comprehend the factors affecting dough fermentation.
  3. Understand and produce various types of Cookies and their variations.
  4. Identify the modern equipment and tools used in the Bakeshop and comprehend their uses.
  5. Understand the compositions and functions of the major baking ingredients to produce standard products.
  6. Identify and produce different types of lean yeast dough breads, rich yeast dough breads, International breads and quick breads.
  7. Summaries the types of Sugar Syrups, cream, meringue, custard, dessert sauce Preparation.
  8. Illustrate the preparation of Short crust pastry, Puff Pastry, Danish Pastry, Choux Pastry, Phyllo Pastry and faults, causes and remedies.
  9. Explain about the basic sponges Cakes and their method of preparation, assembling and basic Cake Decorations and cake failures or defects and remedies.
  10. Apply the fundamental of cooking techniques on sugar syrups, creams, fillings and toppings.

Apply the basic techniques of cake assembling and cake decorations

Module I

  • Introduction to baker & confectioner industry

Module II

  • Role of raw material used in bakery
  • Types of breads and its preparation

Module III

  • Yeast- role of yeast in the fermentation of dough.
  • Types of Icing and icing equipment’s.
  • Cakes: Methods for production of cakes.

Module IV

  • Principles of pastry making and its derivatives- short crust paste- choux paste-puff paste- flaky paste;
  • Preparation of cookies and biscuits

Module V

  • Study of confectionery ingredients like starch and its derivatives , leavening agents
  • Role of flour, sugar, shortening and egg
  • Introduction to Indian sweets: ingredients- preparations and procedures

Module VI

  • Importance of personal hygiene and grooming
  • Personal sanitary habits; HACCP (Basic principle and implementation)
  1. Publishers international confectioner – Virtue and Co.
  2. The professional french pastry
  3. Taste of India, Madhur Jaffrey, Rupa
  4. Publication principles of baking – Naynne
  5. The new professional Chef.
  1. Preparation of : Bread Roll- Bread Stick-Soft roll- Hot cross bun- fruit bun- Chelsea bun
  2. Preparation of: Croissants- white bread- Brown bread- Vienna bread- fancy bread- Milk bread- Raisin Bread- fruit Bread.
  3. Preparation of : Pizza base- Cheese Straw- Burger-
  4. Preparation of: Christmas cake – Banana bread- sponge cake- Madeira Cake – Genoese cake- Fatless cake- Rock cake- fruit Cake.
  5. Preparation of Various Icing.
  6. Preparation of Biscuits. Practical – Indian Sweets :Peda, Halwa, Sweets in syrup, Milk based sweets, Cakes, Sweet Meat, Kheer, Puddings
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Former Placement Manager, Naipunnya College,Pongam, Thrissur, 24 Years Experience in Five Star Deluxe Hotels, Catering and Teaching.
28 Years of experience in Five Star Hotels, Flight Catering and Cruise Line-USA. Trained in Michelin stars Restaurants in France under Chef Georges Blanc
23 years of experience with Oberoi Group of Hotels in India and Abroad
Working as Chef for 15 years at Westminster- United Kingdom

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